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Johnathan Green

The ideas for many of Susan’s paintings also come from the everyday things that surround her at home.  She says of her work “What I hope to accomplish is to convey the whimsical beauty I see around me as well as to make the viewer smile when they look at my work.  When I started out as an artist, I struggled against my own more feminine tastes.  I feared people would not take a painting of stuffed animals or dolls seriously.  …..I was happy to find that what I enjoy looking at day after day also reaches others.”

Susan is a member of the Palette and Chisel Club, Oil Painters of America and the Northwest Rendezvous Group and participates in the Masters of the West Exhibition at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles.  Articles about her work have appeared in Art Talk, Art of the West, and Southwest Art.  She has won awards for her work exhibited at the Palette and Chisel Club, the Oil Painters of America and the Northwest Rendezvous Show.

Memories "Memories"
Oil on canvas             66" x 101"


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