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Our Gallery Family

The granddaughter of James and Mary Ham with her mother enjoy meeting another "Mather and Child"

More friends at Plate and Palette

Clients and friends enjoying the great food from our restaurant partner, Halls Chophouse

Ted Ellis painting in Washington Park during the 10th Annual Fine Art Weekend.


Christmas at The Sylvan Gallery on King Street.


Joe Sylvan with Wayne and Caroline Jones and Ted and Virginia Brush at the December 2008 Small Works show.

Harry Clark, Rhett Thurman, Janie Sylvan, Barbara and Leon Patterson and Joe Sylvan enjoying the December Small Works show.

Harry Clark and local artist Mickey Williams at the Bush and Potter show March 7th.

Joe and Janie Sylvan with Artist Nancy Bush and her husband, Bill.

Brantley Booe and artist Joan Potter at the March Nancy Bush and Joan Potter show.

CharlestonTrip2007060.jpg (2155735 bytes)

Joe & Janie Sylvan, with Jack Morris, of Morris and Whiteside, Huihan Liu and Weizhen Liang

CharlestonTrip2007056.jpg (2255101 bytes)
CharlestonTrip2007059.jpg (2403501 bytes)
Luanna Morris, Janie Sylvan, Huihan Liu, Joe Sylvan, and Jack Morris
CharlestonTrip2007045.jpg (2436637 bytes)

Janie talking with Maria Petruzzi,friend and wife of gallery artist Guido Petruzzi, and Joy Sanders,gallery associate.

 Janie,Ted,JoeP1000418.JPG (960842 bytes)

Janie and Joe Sylvan with artist Ted Ellis at the October show.

Vannessa, Ted ,HelenP1000415.JPG (460763 bytes)

Vanessa Lott, Artist Ted Ellis and Helen Jordan at Teds October show

harry, Rhett, Ted, Guido_Maria,JanieP1000412.JPG (1527976 bytes)

Harry Clark, artist Rhett Thurman, featured artist Ted Ellis, artist Guido Petruzzi and wife Maria, gallery owner Janie Sylvan

 guido_mariapetruzziP1000227.JPG (854693 bytes)

Featured Artist Guido Petruzzi and Maria at the Palette and Palate Stroll on July 13th.

chefciaranduffyP1000228.JPG (515027 bytes)

Chef Ciaran Duffy of Tristan Restaurant.

P1000234.JPG (717224 bytes)

Everyone enjoying the food and art, including the Tristan staff.

P1000233.JPG (762272 bytes)

Outstanding art and delicious food makes the Palett and Palate Stroll a favorite summer event.


RhettThurman_NightlightHPIM2244.JPG (200632 bytes)

Artist Rhett Thurman with "Nightlight", a Paris scene painting from her March 2007 Show, "Through My Eyes".


HarryRhettGuido_MariaHPIM2239.JPG (218334 bytes)

Harry Clark, artist Rhett Thurman, artist Guido Petruzzi, and Maria Petruzzi enjoy themselves at Rhett's March show.


Enjoy some of the fun events with us and our artist both in the gallery and on the road.  Just click on the event to see the happenings.

Gallery Opening

Glenna Goodacre Show

Northwest Rendezvous 2003

Northwest Rendezvous 2004

Our Grand Opening was in March 2003 and here are some of the fun moments we wanted to share with you.
grand_opening_reception.jpg (112346 bytes)
Grand Opening Reception in March


scan0018.jpg (497855 bytes)
scan0027.jpg (572120 bytes)


scan0020.jpg (585837 bytes)
scan0017.jpg (573897 bytes)
Vicki and Doug Rippeto visiting with Wayne Rumley
scan0023.jpg (624487 bytes)
Joe and Janie Sylvan at artists' dinner during Grand Opening weekend
scan0021.jpg (259233 bytes)
Dan Anthony of Goodacre Studio with Joe Sylvan visit before artists' dinner
grand_opening_2.jpg (165155 bytes)
Bill Bush, Brantley Booe, Joe Sylvan, Scott Burdick
scan0026recp.jpg (612670 bytes)


Reception Honoring Glenna Goodacre at the gallery in April.

scan0024.jpg (730806 bytes)
Mike Schmidt, Janie Sylvan, Joe Sylvan, Glenna Goodacre

To see photos from Northwest Rendezvous, Montana, August 2003 - click here.

To see photos from Northwest Rendezvous, Montana, August 2004 - click here.


HPIM1015.JPG (166438 bytes)

MALCOLM HUGHES Opening Reception--Anne and Malcolm Hughes, Janie Sylvan




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