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The Sylvan logo hats have been spotted in many locations around the world.


Anne Fishburne Hamilton wearing the hat on the island

John Colwick wearing the hat at the new Bush Library! 

Erica Veit with Cisco wearing the hat on Daufuskie Island,SC.!

Carey Burnett wearing the hat at the now infamous Chappaquidick


Inman Hendricks,III wearing the hat at Surfside Beach. The youngest Sylvan Gallery fan is the grandson of dear friends Lloyd and Sue Hendricks

Artist, Joseph Orr, wearing the hat in Kansas!!

Don Peterson and John Colwick wearing the hats after a hard day of shopping with wives in Italy!!

Dick Sylvan, Joe's brother, wearing the hat in Helsinki, Finland.


Jack Bell wearing the hat at the corner of Sylvan Drive and Evergreen Hills in Dallas.

The Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland

Lake Garda, Italy

Carl and Mary Raether on the Jordan River in Israel.


Vivi is the granddaughter of great fiends John and Gail Colwick.

Steve and Nancy Feinberg in the Mediterranean  Sea.

Steve Feidberg wearing the hat at Masada in Israel.

Harry Clark wearing the hat floating down the Danube!!

John Colwick great friend of the Sylvan's and living testament that livin' the good life is a wonderful thing!!


Sue Hendricks wearing the hat in Africa.

John  Hill in Aleppo, Syria

Dr. Ray Anton took the hat on a sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands!

Sylvan Hat Visits Historic Sugar Plantation.


Betsey Albert at the bottom of the earth wearing the hat.

Sutton Wheeler and
Miss Betty Wheeler at home in the Big apple wearing the hat!

Kate Strzinek, daughter-in-law, of dear friends John and Gail Colwick, with an artsyfriend in Washington D.C.

The "hat" gets an education!  Here as a photo of Rachel Sylvan, Joe & Janie's niece, in the hat at University of Arizona...

Lorraine "Rainey" Evans, for 20 years a Charleston TV personality for her daily children's TV show "The Happy Raine Show", shown with her daughter Elizabeth overlooking the western coastline of Mallorca.....

Ted Ellis painting in Washington Park during the 10th Annual Fine Art Weekend.


Bob Black, old friend, wearing the hat at the University of the South homecoming in Sewanee,Tn."

Art collectors and friends, Kathy and Dennis Tyree, hiking near their home in Taos, NM

Harry Clark wears the hat on a visit to the Brooklyn Bridge during a recent visit to NYC

Harry Clark, husband of artist Rhett Thurman with Charlie Meeker, dear friend of Joe and Janie's, at the Meeker Vineyard in California holding an "artful" magnum of "Handprint Merlot

John Hill wearing the hat in Beaver Creek, CO

Marion and Rhodes Baker, friends and clients with Janie's sister Suz.

The hat with a friend on the Amazon River..


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