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Peter Hagen


Plein air landscape artist, Peter Hagen, was born in New York City in 1944 and raised in Connecticut.  Numerous visits to the museums of New York with his family built the foundation for his desire to become an artist.

Hagen studied art at numerous institutions including the University of Arizona and the Art Guild in Connecticut but he did not pursue art as a career until much later in life.  An exhibition he saw in New York combined with his love of the outdoors convinced Peter to sell his real estate business and return to painting full time after a twenty year absence.  A painter in the true plein air tradition, Hagen paints on location from nature wherever he travels.  He spends at least one month a year on Martha’s Vineyard, which provides him with a broad range of subjects and vivid colors.

Peter currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his family.  It is an ideal location full of constant inspiration for his color-saturated, light-flooded and exquisitely rendered canvases of the landscape.  His work has been featured in numerous shows and exhibits in Taos, Santa Fe, Aspen and Connecticut.




"Late Afternoon"
 Oil      9" x 12" 

alongtheshore.jpg (706908 bytes)


"Along the Shore"
 Oil      8" x 10" 

dunesalongthecoast.jpg (105281 bytes)


"Dunes Along the Coast" 
Oil     18" x 24" 


"Hollyhocks and Dasies" 
Oil     14" X 11"
hollyhocksanddasies.JPG (69151 bytes)




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