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Frank DiVita

Wildlife sculptor, Frank DiVita, was born in Italy but his family immigrated to Canada and on to Montana when he was a young child.  Frank credits his artistic beginnings to his early exposure to Renaissance art and an intense love of nature.  He showed great talent for both zoology and art at an early age, which led him to illustrate medical textbooks while studying at the University of Montana.  Career offers after graduation that would have taken him away from wildlife and his beloved mountains of Montana were declined in favor of teaching art at a local high school for several years until he “retired” to become a full-time wildlife sculptor.

 DiVita sculpts wild birds exquisitely and in minute detail.  Aside from his love of and interest in birds he credits his single-minded focus to a college professor who said, “Life is short.  Concentrate on one avenue and in the end you’ll be the best in that avenue.”  So what began as a footprint for living became a prophetic statement as Frank is considered as one of the most highly regarded sculptors of wild birds in the country today.

 Frank is a perfectionist in his sculpting process—from the inception of a piece in clay through all the stages of casting it into the final bronze sculpture.  A self proclaimed introvert, this remarkable artist prefers to remain in the background, letting his art speak for him.

 Numerous articles about Frank’s work have been published in magazines such as Wildlife Art.



"Spirit of the Wind"
   Bronze   Edition: 150  
16" x 13"  



"Morning Lily"  
 Bronze   Edition:250  
13" x 7"   $1,450



"Bob Wire"
   Bronze   Edition: 75  
24" x 24"   $7,450



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