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James E. Calk

Artist Jim Calk was born in Saluda, South Carolina.  Calk received his formal education at Newberry College.  In addition to being a fine visual artist, he is also a classically trained pianist and has performed in many states.

 Jim paints in oil, watercolor and pasted in an impressionistic poetic style.  His paintings allow the viewer to see the essence of the subject while providing imaginative interpretation.  Each painting features a strong sense of value supported by color.  Jim has won many awards, exhibited widely and is collected by private and corporate collectors.

 Married to artist Betsy havens, Jim lives in Georgetown, South Carolina.

"Aqua Sky"  
Oil        24" x 30"  

"Quiet River"  
Oil        36" x 36"  

"Early Morning Hues"  
Oil        16" x 20"  

"Lonesome Pine"  
Oil        30" x 24"  

"Quiet Summer"  
Oil        14" x 11"  



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