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The Hats Archives

The Sylvan logo hats have been spotted in many locations around the world.


The hat in St. Barth's

Rhett Thurman and husband Harry Clark riding a large friend in India with the hat

Harry Clark wearing the hat in Times Square,NYC.

Ashley and Miller Sylvan wearing the hats on their honeymoon in Fiji.

Ashley and Miller Sylvan took the hats on their honeymoon dive while in Fiji.


The Bolins do Europe in the hat!!


Heidelberg Castle

Riijks Museum Amsterdam

Palais Hrt lou Royal Palace Arnhem NL


The Bolins on the move with the hat!!

Above Jasper Alberta

Lower Falls Yellowstone Grand Canyon

Phil Ladewig and Don Peterson visiting with Dr. Einstein in Vail.

Nick Martin, sister Amanda and Dad Mike with the hat in Northern Sumatra.
Nick and Amanda are the grandchildren of friends and clients Carol and Martin Dickinson.


Artist Chuck Rawle wearing the hat while painting at Big Beach in Maui, Hawaii.


John Hill wearing the Hat!

The Colwick family with the hat in San Francisco!

Naples Florida Lely Resort
Bob Roberts,Barbara Roberts,John Colwick,Gail Colwick,Janie Sylvan,Paula Castonguay, and Joe Sylvan.

John Nickum and Linda Lear in the Lakes district of England.  This was taken on an English 100 + year old motor launch that is used on the lakes in the Lake District of Cumbria


Linda Lear and her husband John Nickum. Linda has written the well received biography of Beatrice Potter and this trip was in furtherance of that book. 

 This first phot was taken at the Mortal Man pub located in the Lake District of Cumbria near Beatrix Potters largest National Trust farm at Troutbeck, east of Ambleside, UK. Fells (base of the Tongue) and sheep in background.

 The second picture is in Hawkshead, which is a very small old village west of Ambleside where Beatrix's husband Willie Heallis had his law practice and a Potter museum is maintained. This is a charming little village to see if you are in the Lake District of the UK.  I placed the "hat" on props to get the flavor of where we were instead of my fat head.

John Hill, friend and client, wearing the Sylvan hat at Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Gallery artist and friend, Karol Mack, painting in the hat in Scotland.

Bill and Anna Shanks wearing the hat in  LaBoca, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Bill Shanks wearing the hat in Montevideo, Uruguay and Frutillar, Chile

Lynn Whiteside, wife of Morris-Whiteside Gallery owner, Ben Whiteside,
on vacation in Seaside, FL

The hat has been to the Taj Mahal and loved every minute-it really is a fantastic spot

The hat went to the Thar Dessert and has stayed there-it is the old silk road and it will spread your reputation far and wide!


Gallery artist, Nancy Bush, and her husband Bill Bush in San Miguel, Mexico

Mary & Chuck Rawle, Nancy & Bill Bush, Kay & George Northup  together in San Miguel, MX

Artist Chuck Rawle painting in San Miguel, Mexico

John Cope, friend and client, at the Panama Canal.

Great friend and client, Betsey Albert wearing the hat in China.

Friends and clients, John and Kay Bachmann wearing the Hat at Angor Wat in Cambodia!


"Trey Finney, friend and artist, painting in Italy."

DSC_0008.JPG (2630268 bytes)

Huihan Liu and Weizhen Liang, friends and gallery artists in Toulouse,southern France


SylvanCap,2007001(Small).jpg (86652 bytes)

SylvanCap,2007002(Small).jpg (46896 bytes)
Clients and friends, The Bill Shanks.

SCAN0001.JPG (545876 bytes)

Bill and Becky Johnson visit Schilthorn in Switzerland where 007's "Her Majesty's Secret Service" was filmed.

SCAN0002.JPG (602146 bytes)

Wayne and Carolyn Jones in front of Jungfrau Mountain, in the Swiss Alps. (Schilthorn at Piz Gloria)

DSC00525.JPG (2519685 bytes)
David and Stacy Leahy,friends and partners in Morris-Whiteside, on vacation in Paris.


DSCN0204.JPG (933400 bytes)

FSCN02721.JPG (1113592 bytes)  DSCN0200.JPG (1176408 bytes)

Carl and Mary Raether wearing Sylvan Gallery hats on
their Danube cruise. The hats were worn in  Passau,  
Durnstein, Prague, Salzburg, and Vienna.

 WilliamKalwickPaintinginDali,China.jpg (3508402 bytes)
Gallery artist and friend, William Kalwick, painting in Dali,China.

DSC04419.jpg (187572 bytes)

"Lese Corrigan, friend, artist, gallery owner, and PR maven wearing the hat at Black Rock, Kaanapali, Hawaii.

07-03-29-1840-390jjjj.jpg (433617 bytes)

Harry Clark,friend of the gallery and husband of artist Rhett Thurman, in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Joe_sHatinMorocco003.jpg (1051486 bytes)

Friend and client John Hill wearing the hat in front of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, the third largest mosque in the world and the one with the tallest minaret in Morocco.

Joe_sHatinMorocco006.jpg (1315924 bytes)

Friend and client John Hill wearing the hat  in front of the west gate 
to the median (market) in Fez, Morocco.

100_0412.jpg (639589 bytes)

Artist and gallery friend Bruce Skidmore in Russia.


 100_0615.jpg (842119 bytes)

Bruce Skidmore and friends in Russia.


100_0617.jpg (767745 bytes)

Artist and gallery friend Bruce Skidmore in Russia at The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg


timwithshark.JPG (247753 bytes)
Here is Tim again on last fishing trip with of catch, a bonnet head shark.  That lucky fishing hat is still working.
timsfish.jpg (903069 bytes)

The family of artist here at the gallery do take a little time to have fun.
Here is TIM CHERRY with his  46 lb.  -  46" striped bass catch
wearing his "lucky"  Sylvan hat.


These photos were taken at the Northwest Rendezvous where many of the artists wore their Sylvan hats.
DSCN00482.JPG (1441100 bytes)
Bill & Nancy Bush with Eric Michaels, 
and Joan Potter.
DSCN00512.JPG (1350770 bytes)
Shirley Novak painting at the Quick Draw.
DSCN0009.JPG (1389603 bytes)
Eric Michaels at the paint-out.
DSCN00553.JPG (1451952 bytes)
Joan Potter evaluating the scenery.



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