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Our Gallery Family
At The
Northwest Rendezvous 2003


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Artists gathering subject matter at the "campout"


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Janie Sylvan at Northwest Rendezvous "campout"
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Artist Joan Marron Larue working with "aspiring artists, Martin Dickinson and Lynn Kopta at the "campout"


scan0004.jpg (508092 bytes)
Shari Morrison and Joe Sylvan "talking art"
scan0010.jpg (790588 bytes)
Joe Sylvan and sculptor, Veryl Goodnight--old friends visiting at the Sieben Ranch
scan0005.jpg (681537 bytes)
Nancy and Bill Bush, Joe Sylvan, Sue Lyon at the bar-b-que dinner during


scan0006.jpg (832911 bytes)
Artist, Sue Lyon giving "wifely advice" to husband/artist, Scott Burdick at the "Quick Draw" on the Sieben Ranch
scan0007.jpg (643897 bytes)
Artist, Huihan Liu, working on his "quick draw" auction piece at the Sieben Ranch


scan0008.jpg (565918 bytes)
Artist, Nancy Bush, doing a plein air painting at the Sieben Ranch


scan0009.jpg (726447 bytes)
Artist, Weizeng Liang, at the Sieben Ranch
scan0011.jpg (501632 bytes)
Janie Sylvan with artists Weizeng Liang and Huihan Liu at the "quick draw" on the Sieben Ranch


scan0012.jpg (648590 bytes)
Joe Sylvan and artist, Sue Lyon, watching the "quick draw" auction
scan0013.jpg (252336 bytes)
Joe Sylvan and Weizeng Liang congratulating Huihan Liu on his "People's Choice" Award and his "Award of Merit"
scan0014.jpg (654087 bytes)
Artists Weizeng Liang, Scott Burdick, Sue Lyon and Huihan Liu celebrating Scott's "Award of Merit"


scan0015.jpg (568861 bytes)
Janie Sylvan and artist, Nancy Bush, by her painting of the Sieben Ranch
scan0016.jpg (465106 bytes)
Bill Bush with artists, John Budicin, Weizeng Liang, Huihan Liu, Quang Ho, and Nancy Bush, congratulating Quang for his "Best Show" award


Gallery Opening

Glenna Goodacre Show

Northwest Rendezvous 2004


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