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Steve Gerhartz


Steve began painting in the mid 1980's when he was a high school student.  At the age of fourteen his first landscape painting experience took place during a November snow squall with his brother Dan.  The experience was invigorating and it became the starting point to Steve's passion for painting outdoors.

Upon completion of high school Steve attended the Lyme Academy in Old, Lyme CT.  Living in Connecticut during his formal training allowed him to visit the museums of early American and European impressionists in Massachusetts and New York.  The John Stobart Outdoor Painting Fellowship was awarded to him the year following his training at the Academy.

Much of his inspiration comes from the beautiful light quality of the different times of day and the changing seasons.  "Painting outside has been a great experience, I am constantly learning from nature and understanding what happens in certain lighting conditions.  I paint on location in all sizes; even very large paintings are started outside.  There is nothing quite as emotional for me as working on a large painting outdoors, trying to capture all that form and space into a painting."

Being outdoors allows Steve the opportunity to reflect on life.  "Paintings bring life and the beauty of nature into people's homes, granting people the opportunity to escape into a place they may not have the chance to see allowing for reflection, growth, and understanding."

On a more personal note Steve and his wife Sherry enjoy spending time with their three sons.  They enjoy going for walks together, bike rides, and spending time outdoors.  Aside from being a father some of Steve's hobbies include woodworking, fishing, gardening, and playing basketball.  Steve's interest in woodworking has carried through to his work in carving frames for his paintings.



"Rising Cloud" 
Oil      22" X 24"



"Last Light III" 
Oil      14" X 22"



"Smith Falls" 
Oil      16" X 20"



"Black Angus" 
Oil      12" X 16"



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