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John Austin Hanna

Impressionist painter, John Austin Hanna, is a native Texan who lives and works in the quaint art and antique oriented community of Fredericksburg.  His work encompasses a broad range of subject matter from still-lifes, to portraits, to landscapes and images of rural and country life captured in a moment of time.  His artistic discipline was finely tuned while working as a commercial illustrator in New York and Dallas until tired of the hectic life of big city living he moved to the smaller community of Fredericksburg to concentrate on his painting career.  Hanna says, “Throughout my childhood, I was always drawing and dreaming of becoming a ‘real’ artist.  I finally decided that I had to pursue that dream.”

John’s canvases are saturated with light and color, some depicting a large-scale scene while others focus on such images as a small section of a fence or wildflowers on the bank of a stream.  He is constantly searching for “all things great or small” to portray in his work.

Articles about this talented young artist have appeared in publications such as Southwest Art and Art Talk.



"A Wonderful Day"
Oil   20" x 30"  



"Pied Piper"
Oil   24" x 36"  




"Bright Autumn" 
Oil       24" x 18" 

  brightautumnHPIM2246.JPG (160862 bytes)



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