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Linda Kyser Smith


Linda Kyser Smith brings a strong sense of color and composition to her figurative paintings of women “they can be so glamorous, so dramatic, poetic and exotic” and children “they are so unbelievably lovely-to try to capture that is such a challenge”.  After years of training and studying with artists such as Raymond Kinstler and Harley Brown, Linda finds the mediums of Oil and pastel to be the most suitable for her work.  Even though her portraits are strong and bold they give the viewer a sense of the soft vulnerability of her subjects.

Linda’s work hangs in museums in France and several American cities.  Her pieces have been exhibited in London, Philadelphia, Santa Fe, Aspen and Richmond.  She is a member of the National Arts Club, the Allied Artists of America and the Pastel Society of America.  Articles about her work have been featured in US Art Magazine and Focus Santa Fe.



"Clockin' In"
Oil on panel    11" X 14"



"Could it Be?"
Oil on panel    9" X 6"



"Last Dance"
Oil     16" X 16"



"La Toilette"
Oil    18" X 14"






"A Night to Remember"
Oil    30" X 16"




"Our Favorite Bistro"
Oil    14" X 14"



"Don't Mind If I Do"
Oil    12" X 8"


   Oil    24" x 18"  


"Another Starbucks Moment"
   Oil    19" x 12"  


"An Existential Moment"
   Oil    16" x 16"  



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