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Karol Mack

Plein air landscape artist, Karol Mack, was born and raised in the ranching/farming country of Colorado.  She currently lives in Northern New Mexico but her “studio” is “the rugged natural settings of the Rocky Mountains, the Pajarito Plateau of Northern New Mexico and other remote spots where the essence of the West is still found in beautiful abundance”.

Mack strives, in her landscapes, to capture what her eye sees and “realistically capture the light, mood and feeling of an area”.  Her works are characterized by a careful combination of color and composition.  She derives great satisfaction when she can step back from a completed canvas and say, “I have captured the truth of the moment.”  

Karol is a member of numerous groups including the Oil Painters of America, the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters, the American Professional Artists League and the Tucson Plein Air Painters.  Articles about her work have appeared in the Santa Fean Magazine, Cowboys & Indians, International Artists Magazine and Southwest Art.



 "Nest in the Grass"  
Oil on Panel    10" X 8"


 "Spring Runoff"  
Oil on Panel    10" X 8"


 "Hillside Aspen"  
Oil     16" X 7"


 "Beautiful Red"  
Oil     7" X 5"


"Red, White and Blue
Oil       12" x 16" 

redwhiteandblue.jpg (112322 bytes)




"Charleston Balcony" 
Oil      10" x 8"


charlestonbalcony.jpg (376287 bytes)


"Seaside Adobe" 
Oil    12" X 8"

seasideadobe.JPG (91286 bytes)



"Charleston Beauty"
Oil     10" x 8" 
charlestonbeauty.JPG (107050 bytes)



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