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Karin Jurick

Karin Jurick is a self-taught artist whose work is held in private collections all over the country.  She attributes her talent and exposure to different mediums to her mother, Lee, an artist who sold her works at traveling art shows in the Northeast.  As a child, Karin’s family traveled to many countries, living in Thailand, Philadelphia, and Chicago, before settling in Atlanta in 1979, where her parents opened a picture-framing shop and art gallery.  It was Karin’s intention to pursue a career as an illustrator, but the unexpected death of her parents led her to continue running the family business.  Not until several years ago did she begin painting with oils – observing works done by such artists as Wayne Thiebaud, Lucian Freud, Burton Silverman, Ken Auster, and Ben Aronson as a starting point for her pursuit to paint with courage and skill.

 Karin says, “I enjoy observing and painting the daily events of ordinary people – whether it’s a glimpse into someone’s private moment viewing a work of art, commuting to work, cooking in a restaurant kitchen , relaxing on a park bench – I find people, in their most candid moments, my greatest inspiration.  I find myself interested in painting everything really – from food to landscapes to still-lifes…  I would really like to paint it all.  I am an avid fan of realism – but strive to paint with loose, expressive brush strokes, and use daring, vivid colors to achieve paintings with life and spontaneity.”

   Oil    9" x 12"  

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