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Joseph Orr

Artist Joseph Orr paints the landscape of America, in places he likes to visit.  Working primarily from sketches made on location, his finished paintings capture the essence and tranquility of the scene.  Using light and shadow to convey the mood and flavor of an ethereal moment, his paintings are works of art centered on scenes of remote solitude, which the viewer may witness in the quiet lodges of nature.  "That place doesn't have to be profound or monumentally significant," he says, "It just has to express something in me that another person can understand and appreciate."

Orr's landscapes have garnered him many awards therefore Joe is recognized as a viable component of the contemporary art world. Art of the West and Southwest Art have both carried articles featuring his work and his paintings also illustrate several books.



"Summer Bloom"
   Acrylic         12" x 16"  


"Next to the Porch"
   Acrylic         12" x 9"  


"Back Yard"
   Acrylic         12" x 12"  


"Dog Days"
   Acrylic         8" x 10"  


"Prince of a Place"
   Acrylic         6" x 12"  


"Anchored in the Past"
   Acrylic         20" x 24"  


"Free Range Chicken"
   Acrylic         12" x 24"  


"Beauty and the Beast"
   Acrylic        12" x 9"  


"Holly Hocks"
   Acrylic         8" x 10"  


"Afternoon Escape"
   Acrylic         9" x 12"  


"Winter Flight"
   Acrylic         24" x 30"  


"In the Canopy"
   Acrylic         9" x 12"  



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