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Dan Graziano

Dan Graziano’s artistic vision began taking shape in the 60's, during America's explosive political, cultural and artistic awakening.  His first formal training focused on advertising and illustration, but a career opportunity in architecture and urban planning altered his original direction.

When he returned to painting, he was drawn to the rich complexity of the urban landscape – inspired by Edward Hopper and other urbanist painters. As an accomplished blues guitarist (his other great passion), he found the city streets, time worn buildings and multiple layers of decay and repair a visual parallel to the spirit and culture of the music.

During a brief residency on the East Coast, his paintings quickly evolved from inner city streets to expanses of fields, farm houses and other pastoral and "Americana" subjects. It was here that he began showing his work in galleries and juried events while deepening his involvement in plein air painting. He continued his art education through workshops with Ken Auster, Randall Sexton and Tim Horn.

He now makes New England his home - capturing rugged coastlines, historic villages and picturesque landscapes from Maine to the low country of South Carolina.


"Carriage Tour in the French Quarter"
 16" x 20"       Oil

"Charleston Gaslamp"
 8" x 6"       Oil

"Three Kings"
 12" x 9"       Oil on panel

"Jestine's Kitchen "
 8" x 6"       Oil on panel

"Bike Taxi"
 14" x 11"       Oil on panel

"Riviera Theatre"
 12" x 9"       Oil on panel

 8" x 6"      Oil on panel

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