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    William Berra

William Berra was raised in York, Pennsylvania and studied art there at the York Academy before moving on to the Maryland Institute of Fine Arts in Baltimore.  He left his formal training in favor of a nomadic life-style that carried him all across the country seeking subject matter for his plein-air paintings.  A winter storm stranded him in Santa Fe and he has made it his home ever since.  But the spirit of wanderlust still calls as he travels the world extensively in search of new material to paint.

William’s training as a “plein-air” painter is evident in the loose spontaneity of his pieces although he now does a great deal of his painting in the studio using his travel photographs as reference material.  His ability to make the viewer feel “oh, I’ve been there” has made him one of the most widely collected young artists in the country.

William’s work has been featured at many fine galleries throughout the country.  His work has also been exhibited at the Albuquerque Museum, at the Artists of America show in Denver, the Carmel Plein Air Competition and the Americana Museum in El Paso.  He was also the subject of an extensive article in a recent issue of Southwest Art.


"Study of St. Peter's Basillica"
 3.5" x 6"      Oil

"Study, Chapel at Val D'Orcia"
 3.5" x 6"      Oil

"Afternoon Nap"
 5" x 10"      Oil

"Study for Sea Spray"
 12" x 9"      Oil

"A Perfect Morning"
 12" x 12"      Oil

"Along the Seine"
 20" x 24"      Oil

"Courtyard of the Domus Augustana"
 5" x 20"      Oil

"Toward Cortona"
 5" x 20"      Oil

"Summertime at the Beach"
 24" x 48"      Oil

"Cloud Study, Sinalunga"
 9" x 12"      Oil

 56" x 36"      Oil

"Sunrise, Lake Como"
 10" x 20"      Oil

 30" x 40"      Oil

"Shore Leave"
 18" x 18"      Oil

"View of St. Peter's and Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome"
 20" x 30"      Oil

"View from Eze"
 20" x 30"      Oil

"First Light, Bellagio, Lake Como"
 20" x 30"      Oil

"Diving Platform V"
 24" x 30"      Oil

"Summer Clouds"
 9" x 12"      Oil on metal leaf

"Midday at the Shore"
 9" x 12"      Oil

"Vantage Point"
 40" x 40"      Oil

"Study for Meditation"
 16" x 12"    Oil

 30" x 30"      Oil

"A World of Her Own"
 12" x 9"    Oil

"Study for Between Sea and Sky"
 12" x 12"     Oil

 30" x 30"      Oil

 6" x 16"    Oil

"Between Sea and Sky"
 40" x 40"     Oil  

"The Sand Sharper"
 40" x 40"      Oil

 48" x 36"     Oil

"Low Tide"
 14" x 14"     Oil

"In the Moment"
 30" x 30"      Oil

"Lost In Thought"
 48" x 36"     Oil

 18" x 18"     Oil

"Elements of the Beach"
 40" x 40"      Oil

"Builder of Castles"
 30" x 40"      Oil

"Afternoon Play"
 30" x 30"     Oil

"Falls at Tivoli"  
Oil   42" x 36"  
"Hawaii, Sunday Morning"  
Oil   10" x 24"  
"Farm in Tuscany"  
Oil    20" x 24"   
"Pasture, Willamette Valley"  
Oil   20" x 30"  


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