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Betsy Havens

Artist Betsy Havens was born in Virginia.  She began her studies at age 12 at the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia and studied art throughout her school career.  Educated at the University of Georgia and the University of South Carolina she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Design and did post graduate work in the History of Architecture and Southern Literature.

Betsy's travels throughout the world give her great inspiration for her paintings of the people, the land, and the architecture.  She paints her own interpretation of the landscapes of Tuscany and southern France and Italy.  Her paintings of the southern lowcountry and its people, the shrimpers, basket weavers, and street scenes are filled with great emotion and color.  Betsy's work, for which she has received many awards, is widely collected in both the private and corporate sectors.

Married to artist James E. Calk, Betsy lives in Georgetown, South Carolina.

"I'm the One!"
    Oil   48" x 24"  

"In Front of the Plaza NYC"
    Oil   30" x 30"  

"After the Rain In Rome"
    Oil   30" x 24"  

"The Ravanel"
    Oil   48" x 36"  


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